Lets face it; everybody needs a little inspiration now and again. Val Pettorina? Where do I start.

We started Casa Alfredino because we love the region. Truth be told we are still discovering new spots every time we are there. And Val Pettorina is at the very heart of the Dolomites, not just geographically, but metaphorically as well. Rock walls tower over either side of this narrow and rugged valley, cuminating in the mighty Marmolada. Queen of the Dolomites. With Civetta and it’s enormous walls at one end of the valley, Marmolada at the other there are few places in the world with more imposing mountains. Indeed few mountains with such mountaineering and historical significance.

Part of Bavaria during the middle ages, the area slowly became Italianised and our region became part of Veneto. The other side of the Fedaia pass remained part of what had become the Austro-Hungarian (Hapsburg) Empire. Of course this meant that during WW1, the border and the rim of our valley became hotly contested, leading to the construction of trenches all along the ridges of th mountains. Peace-time brought leisure and these original routes have now become Via Ferrata. They are some of the finest in the Dolomites. Exploring these relics gives you an incling of the horror which once filled this beautiful valley. Everywhere you look there are remains and reminders; from the ruins of the “underground” city in the Marmolada Glacier to the arms store at the mouth of the Serrai di Sottoguda.

Because of its secluded, wooded nature, the valley has remained a hidden gem. Truely wild, with deep forest where deer roam, porcini musrooms grow and silence is pervasive. Gone are the madding crowds of Fassa, Gardena and Badia; here you can roam unhindered and uninterrupted high into the mountains and barely see a soul. So let us take you into a world of natural beauty, exploration, history culture and above all, rocks!


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