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Renown for its fantastic rock climbing and walking in the summer, these incredible mountains offer so much more than that. Whether you wish to try skiing in one of the largest ski ranges in the world with fantastic well maintained pistes, snow shoeing through the larch forests, ice climbing in the savage Sottoguda gorge or ski touring amongst the high peaks, Casa Alfredino offers you the perfect base from which to explore these enchanting mountains in the Winter. If none of this high activity floats your boat, you can still enjoy the beauty of this winter wonderland by less strenuous means such as a gentle walk between the towering cascades of ice in the Sottoguda Gorge or jump in the car and navigate some of the breathtaking mountain passes and catch a cable car up to the top of some of the awe- inspiring peaks this area has to offer; such as Marmolada, only a 10 minute drive or a 45 minute walk from the house.

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