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The Serrai di Sottoguda is a deep, cold gouge in upper Val Pettorina. With some of the most consistent ice forming conditions in Italy and second only to Cogne in its notoriety within Italian ice climbing circles, the gorge is a fantastic venue. Only a few minutes from the car park and a fifteen minute walk from the house, there is a stunning variety of pure cascade ice falls and modern mixed routes to suit every ability and taste. And the ice climbing doesn’t stop there, with routes all around the surrounding area forming with great regularity as the winter cold petrifies the water courses of the Dolomites – Colfusco, Canazei, the Sella to mention but a few. What’s more in spring time, the North faces of the Marmolada and Gran Vernal provide a test ground for Alpinists. The Dolomites are much much more than just an alpine rock destination! For the full low down, read our ice climbing blogs!

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